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NOT AVAILABLE by Joshua, Age 11

Here is the first edition of a person - sized yellow chicken that can talk, called Chocobo. One day Chocobo was flying around when he heard a scream! He thought it was his friend Mugol. Mugol is a white alien with a pink dot on his head. It was Mugol! His house was on fire! Chocobo had to do something. He went to the fire station and he stole and he said "sorry." He got to the house, but the hose was missing! "OH - NO"! Mugol was still in trouble. Chocobo pecked a hole in the fire hydrant and the water hit the house. Most of the fire went out. Mugol was still in the house! Chocobo flew in the house. He got Mugol and flew out of the house. Somehow Mugol's son got in the house. He jumped out the window! Chocobo caught him. He hugged Chocobo. Chocobo saved the day! Well, Chocobo is tired. See you next time when Chocobo has another adventure. Bye!