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NOT AVAILABLE by Raith Hamzah, Age 8

Once upon a time there was a dodo bird. His name was Coocoo. He was really lazy and stupid, but he loved his parents. He was also very strong. One day Coocoo's parents were going to get him from school. Right before they got to him a rhino stole his parents. The Rhino was too fast for Coocoo, and he was frustrated because his mother didn't teach him how to fly because if she did he would get the rhino in no time so he called the police mammoths. They got to the rhino but he beat them up. While the police were fighting Coocoo was practicing flying, and finally he could FLY!!! Coocoo got right in front of him and he said, "You've got my parents. Give them to me!" "Or what little baby?" said the rhino. "Or I will kill you!" said Coocoo. "Ha Ha Ha Ha!" said the rhino. Coocoo picked him up into the air, and shook him. The rhino dropped his parents. They landed safely. Coocoo picked the rhino up really high and dropped him. When he got down his parents thanked him soooooooooo much and he became a hero in the prehistoric times.