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NOT AVAILABLE by Rose Murad, Age 11

Once upon a time a small, black kitten lay on the soft rug under her while staring at the window outside that was in front of her. Her name was Black diamond she was named that because her fur was as black as a humans pupil and her eyes shined eveytime the light beams hit it. Today, she wondered,"All my life i stood in front of this window wondering what it could be like if i could travel across the world like my friend horse, but sadly i don't think that day will come when my owner will forget to close the door leaving me in this boring house. That was all she said day after day until one day something happened. Her owner a young girl called janet hurried down the stairs quickly. "i'm late for school! oh no i'm done for!" she said, and she kept on running outside , and for the first time forgeting to close the door. Black diamond was sleeping all that time, not noticing that her oppotunity for traveling was now. But later she did wake up when the wind entered the house making her shiver. "ooh, darn thoes air conditioner, and who would be putting the air conditioner on in winter?!?" she argued to herself she got up and went to close it, but noticed that it was already closed. "weird, wait! it can't be!" she said with excitment and starts running to the door "its opened! its opened!" she sang and ran outside. "it smells so sweet here" she explained" but its freezing! ooh i'm going back in" she said she may not have had an adventure but she did have what she wanted, a cozy place to call home and from that day she knew it. The End