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NOT AVAILABLE by Kaleb, Age 10

There once was a old Indian lady. She lived in the woods. She believed in the living dead. One day she took you down to the middle of woods. She layed down on the ground and she was doing something. To you it looked like she was talking to the ground but she was talking to her ancestors. It was weird to you but she said that she can put curses on people. You didn't believe her so you told her to put a curse on an animal. She put a curse on a fish. The fish could no longer swim! Now you were freaked out. Then you asked her where she was from. When she heard you say that, she said "I'm from a Indian tribe. I grew up here. All of my Indian friends have died. Next is me. I will tell you what I was doing to the ground iif you promise not to tell." You promised. She says "l was talking to my ancestors. They said that some men will be coming for me tonight!" That night you don't get much sleep. You can't sleep knowing that something might happen to the old Indian lady. The next morning you do look for her. Not to your suprise she was gone. But you do remember where she was talking to her ancestors. You go directly to that spot. You get on your knees and say "Where have you gone Indian lady?" A voice answers from the sky, "I'll be just fine up here now." "O.K." you say back up to where the voice was. In the next few years you find another Indian lady! "Here we go again." you say. THE END