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NOT AVAILABLE by Talia, Age 10

There once was a little pony named Smokey. He decided to go on a adventure. He went to a place called Fairy Land; it was called Fairy Land because it had little fairies that lived there. He met a fairy pony named Glitter and they fell in love the day they met. The problem was Glitter was a fairy pony and Smokey was a regular pony. Glitter and Smokey decided that they would take turns going to where each of them lived to meet their parents. Smokey said Glitter could meet his parents first to see if they approved; it turns out that Smokey's parents approved of Glitter, so, Glitter took Smokey to her parents. Her parents loved him as soon as he started telling them about himself! Smokey decided that he liked Glitter's home better because it had magic and more fun then his home. Smokey told his parents that he would vist every summer and write about everything that happened to him. He follow his promise and now he is 18 he has been accepted into the fairies world and has a pair of wings. He has had a lot of fun and always will be 18 because of the girl he met 10 years ago. She will stay 17 and they will hopefully live happily ever after. The End