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NOT AVAILABLE by Brittany James, Age 11

baby sister:"wa wa wa!!"cryied baby sister."all you do is cry"I shouted "now skye"said my mom."she is just a baby." mom always said that.i hate it when she talks to the baby,she feeds the baby,she gives the baby a bath!!she does'nt fuss over me.i bet she dose'nt even know i am her son.I bet she thinks that I am a stranger! Well i' ve had it.I ran to my room.i backed my suitcase and ran to the door.I opened it slowly so mom would'nt have heard me anyways she was giving the baby a bath. I ran to the was the only place i could think of.I sat on the benches a while and thought.Then a man sat next to me.i looked at him. he had on old clothes and his hair was dirty he looked like he had'nt taking a bath in weeks."So were is your mom."he said."I ran away from home"i said."you did"he said."why""my mom dose'nt love me"i said.the man looked at me."well I ran away from home to you know." i looked at him."you did." "Ya" he said."And this is what happened to me.I looked at him."you dont want to look like me do you?""no" i said.He smiled."so go home were your mom is waiting for you." I looked over my shoulder."how do you know"i said.But the man was gone.I looked for him but i could'nt find him.I went home.My mom did'nt know i had gone but i was glad to see her again.I love you" I said My mom looked at me "I love you to" she said.THE END