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NOT AVAILABLE by Kaleb, Age 10

One night when you get home from basball practice you go take a 2 hour rest. In your dream everthing you ever wanted happens. You wake up at 9:00. You are surprised, because you had a lot going on in your dream but it felt like a lot longer than 2 hours. Then you go back to sleep after you eat a snack. The next morning you wake up and everything in your dream is going on! You don't believe it. You know something isn't right. Then you notice you are not in your room, you are in a huge mansion and you have baseball things all in your room. You even have your favorite team up on your wall. When you get ready to get dressed you notice none of your regular clothes are there. There is a tuxedo and a uniform in your drawer. You walk out the door with your tuxedo on and a person yelling down the humongous hall says, "Why aren't you in your uniform? Today is the World Seris!" Now you are really getting freaked out by this. You put on your uniform and you notice it. It is your favorite team's uniform. When you play in the World Seris game you do excellent enough to win it for the team! You are tired but happy about what happened today. Then all of a sudden you wake up in your own room with your own clothes. Your mom walks in and says, "When you were dreaming last night you were yelling with happiness. What happened in your dream?" she asks "It''s a lot of things. I'll tell you while we eat breakfast, " you say. "O.K." your mom says, as you start to tell her as you walk down the stairs. The End