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NOT AVAILABLE by Talia, Age 10

There was once a little boy who was always sad. He always wanted more and more money even though he already had one hundred dollars. Then one day a little girl came up to him and said that money didn't bring happiness, it just brought greed and anger. The boy said, "So?" And that he didn't care, he wanted money. Then on his birthday he put money on his wish list. The little girl came to him and took the list, ripped it up, and threw it in the fire. She took out a little box and said, "Open it." He opened it and a note said happiness. The boy let a tear run down his face. "You are so right!" A tear ran down her face. "You are right, too!" They went downtown to an ice cream shop and had a milkshake together, drinking out of two straws from the same glass, as tears fell down their cheeks, spilling on the tabletop, washing the dishes and plates and silverware onto the floor. Their tears were so much that the other people eating were washed out the door, along with the cook, the waitress, and the toilets and the sinks and the refrigerators, too! He took his one hundred dollars and bought alot of towels and dried up all the tears. And they lived happily ever after.