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NOT AVAILABLE by Allison, Age 9

Once upon a time there was a dog. The dog was a genious. This perticular dog was so smart, it could talk. The dogs name was Majabankskin. People called him maj for short. Maj's owners name was jeffry. well the dogs owner of smart. Well,acctually he wasn't smart at all. He always had Maj do his homework for him. One day Maj decided to run away. He hated it when people went the easy way. That way the boy would learn a lesson. that nite when the boy found him missing, he pannaked. He had a book report on Lord of the Rings due the day after tomorrow! And his parents told him that if he got an F on this his dog would get taken away! this was a big problem for him! Who would do his homework at night? Who would write his bookreports? It wouldn't just poof finished! Just then he had an idea. what if he studdied! What if he worked all night for that bookreport! Or mabie he could steel the answers from the teacher. Just kidding!!! Well he studdied and studied and studied until 6 in the morning! He got an hour of sleep than was off to school. Meanwhile... Majabankskin was very, very pleased. He was right outside the whole time! when his owner got home he studdied 14 straight hours! he read the book 20 times! he wrote up a 7 page report on Lord of the Rings. He found out he got an A on the report! He was overjoyed! as soon as maj found out he came inside and ate. Jeffry realized what the dog had done. He was smart now and got fair A's instead of cheat A's. He was so happy that He never made anybody do his homework besised him. The End