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NOT AVAILABLE by Tyler Miller, Age 9

Once there was a flute. It was a magic flute and was hidden under a rock in a boy's front yard. The boy's name was Tyler. He was 5 years old and had about five friends. Their names were Johnny, Jacob, Nathan, Jose, and Gabriel. Tyler and his friends agreed that they would have a treasure hunt. They brought nets and jars. They would look under every rock and around every flower and tree. The second rock they looked under was a medium size rock. all the boys lifted the rock and found a shiny flute. Tyler picked up the flute and thought it looked magic. so he blew in the flute and then made a wish in his head. The boys asked what he wished for and then all of a sudden a beard grew on his face. It was a white beard and was about six feet long. The boys started laughing but Tyler thought it was cool. Then it got to the point where it was time for the boys dinner. When the boy walked in the mom saw him and laughed. She thought it was funny and told him to take it off. He said no. So the mom pulled on the beard and the boy started yelling, "Ow that hurts." The mom looked at him and then screamed then fainted. The boy chuckled. He woke up in the morning and th beard was gone. He went downstairs to his parents bathroom and saw a razor with a trashcan full of white hair. He could not find the flute. So he cried and he found his baby brother with a ten foot tall bottle full of apple juice