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NOT AVAILABLE by Jordan Yarbrough, Age 9

One day, I was getting dressed for school.I found a alien in my sock drawer.I had to get it dreesed too.Then the next day I found out that I was adopted and my parents where in a descise.They took it off, They where aliens,so I fainted.i woke up, I was in a space shipe going to mars.I could not believe my eyes,It was like loyed in space TV series.So we landed on mars They took me and the alien that I found in my sock drawer to the mars fair.There where aliens there of course they where freekey looking to me,and they thout I was freekey looking you shood see them.They where green,Had big eyes,skiney as a tooth pike.Then I was shaking.It turned out as a dream becuase my mom woke me up and I said are you related to an alien and she said yes I am then I woke up I looked in my sock drawer nothing but clothes.