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NOT AVAILABLE by Astasia Limon, Age 8

Once upon a time in a big crowdeed city there lived a city mouse who lived in a city house. The mouse had a name, his name was Pablio. He had all that he needed in the city. Transportation, food and a course a house. The only thing he did not have was quietness. If he was napping it was loud,cooking well loud, even shopping was loud. There was no escaping the noise anywhere. And it didn't help that his house was in the subway system. But it was a convienance, to jump on the subway to go shopping and do all his other chores that needed to be done. Life was good in the city, Pablio had everything he needed, but alittle peace and quite. One day while traveling on the subway Pablio missed his exit and decided to wait till the next exit. The next one did although take him out of the city, a place he had never been. When the subway finally stopped Pablio asked the driver where he was. The driver replied in the country but that he was turning back. Tired and hungry Pablio said kindly he would get off and rest. He had found a bag under a tree that he rested in and while falling asleep he had thought where was all the noise? He thought the noise was lost. Where had it gone he askes himself? He thought about it for so long he had gotten no sleep. He knew right then he would go back to the city and find the noise. While arriving back to his house in the city he immediatly found the noise. He thought to himself mabye he left it at home. He didn't think long though, for he was tired and the noise put him fast asleep. You see peace and quiet was found but Pablio found that he had everything he needed, even the noice.