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NOT AVAILABLE by Astasia Limon, Age 8

One day not to long ago the moon was feeling not so happy. You see he was tired of only coming out at night. He wanted to play during the day with all the kids. He could not figure out how he could do that though because he had to be somewhere all the time. He could not just leave to play. But you see the sun had the same problem. She wanted to play also, she saw how everyone enjoyed her, how they would dance under her. She wanted to dance to. One day when Mr. Moon and Mrs. Sun crossed paths they overheared each other feeling sad. They found out that both of them wanted to play. After much thought of this they decided to let Mrs. Sun play on a stormy day, while no one was looking for her. She came down and danced with the children while the rain was drying up. And Mr. Moon came down to play hide in seek with the children and tuck them fast in bed. Mrs. Sun got what she wanted and was very happy after that, and Mr. Moon loved his job and always has a smile on his face. When you see a half moon know that Mr. Moon is unhappy and wants to play with you. And well Mrs. Sun she's just happy seeing you dance under her.