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NOT AVAILABLE by Melissa, Age 11

In a forest, there are trees, and animals and bugs. And sometimes there is a stream or river! In a certain forest that I have heard of, there lives three friends: Squirral, Racoon, and Woodpecker. One day, Woodpecker flew down from a big tree, and called to his friends," Squirral, Racoon, come and see what I've found!" So they both came to see. Woodpecker showed them a big red leaf. " See how This leaf is red?" He asked them. " It shows that fall is coming! That is the time that all the leafs on the trees, turn pretty colors, and then fall to the ground!"He told them. Squirral and Racoon really liked Woodpecker's leaf, and they wanted one to! So the three friends went explooring the forest together, to find pretty Fall leafs! -The End-