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NOT AVAILABLE by Aarena, Age 13

This is a story about a dog name C.C BEBE and CC did everything together like Eat Sleep and even Watch television. One day CC heard a noise that woke her up.She got up and went outside to see what the noise was.C.C did not see anything or anybody but could still hear the noise so she followed the noise to find out what was makeing the noise.BEBE woke up and said good morning to CC but she didnt answer. Now! BEBE was worried that CC was hurt somewhere,so BEBE got up and looked for her.There was no sign of CC so BEBE looked and looked but outside.BEBE made flyers with CC picture on it and a message to Call BEBE at 555-213-4105.The next day the telephone rang BEBE answerd the phone the preson on the other end said I found your dog and you can pick her up at the dog park on 3rd street.When BEBE got to the park she looked for CC and saw they each other at the same time CC started wagging her tail. BEBE thanked the person and offered them a reward.BEBE took CC home and they played then they watched scooby-boo. The End