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NOT AVAILABLE by Astasia Limon, Age 8

One day a butterfly was flying through the air and all of a sudden he landed in my hair. I reached my arm up to catch the little guy, then all of a sudden he flew straight up to the sky. I said wait for a while, butterflies make me smile. He flew on down right on my arm. He told me he lived on a farm. Where he could fly all around and not worry one bit,never get eatin,never get hit. He loved it there so much he said, he had to hurry off to bed. I asked him to come back real soon, he said he will come again at noon. He had 6 kids and a wife he said, and they all needed to go to bed. I understood, I was sleepy myself, but I will never forget the butterfly that landed on my head. His name was Fred and now it's time to go to bed. Goodnight sleepy head.