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NOT AVAILABLE by Michael Rogers, Age 12

There once was a cow that wished it could fly but it never happened and time went by. Then one night the cow had a dream that it was flying. It soared over the mountains it soared over the trees it even flew over the salty seas. When the cow woke up it looked all around but insted of in the air it was still on the ground. The cow was sad. She began to cry. THen she remembered the wizard her friend pig told he of. She went to the house of the wizard whose house was a tree and the cow told the wizard her plea. Now the wizard who was wise listened and pondered at the cow's wish and then put something on a big wooden dish. The cow asked, "What is that," and the wizard replied, "It is part of a cloud which will make you grow wing and fly if you eat it." The cow ate the piece of the cloud and she felt wierd and then wings grew on her back. The cow flapped her wings and began to fly and she said, "How can I thank you my new friend the wizard." And the wizard said, "I would like to see you fly over the moon every night." And that is what the cow did. T.H.E. E.N.D.