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NOT AVAILABLE by Astasia Limon, Age 8

One day Mrs. Fran the Ladybug woke up to the new day. She was ready to go and play. Then all of a sudden you heard her say, My spots are gone, they ran away. I have so much to do I cannot play. I have to find my spots today! she first went to the mole that lived in the hole. Have you seen my spots? Red, yellow, blue pocka dots? No I guess not. I have not seen, you see I was in a dream. Let me be Im only a mole, please leave my hole. Away she went sad and blue, next she went to the zoo. First to the snake, have you seen my spots, nope I guess not, Ive been here all day. All Ive seen is a big patch of hay. Then to the owl, have you seen my spots? No I guess not I have not seen your spots. Away he flew, and then she saw her spots, stuck to his wings were her pocka dots. Mr. Owl excuss me you have my spots, can you fly right down to give me my dots? Why yes I have them I did not see, they were all along stuck on me. Happy she was all day and night, she had her red,yellow, blue polka dots.