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NOT AVAILABLE by Tosin Adebiyi, Age 10

It was a great day to play and watch a detective movie.But I chosse to watch a movie,as we watched the detective's to there work.Like in those day's when the movie's where Black and White.Well it looked like my friends and I were falling into the movie." Wow Coat's, ,Black,and White what else",we all said,as we herd a "Hello,Hello" any one there *BANG* what was that"Were on the case", I said."What case" rpiled my friend Tina." "I don't kown",I just felt like saying that.Like she just said were on the case.We're on the Mysterious Case!! Dum,Dum Dum." Hey we even get sound effects cool".The case began with the phone call of course and the bang too . We all headded downstairs after, the bang .' Someone had brode in and kidnapped someone. We knew that because the person left a letter and it said, we have kiddnaped her What a clue ,I said we can solve this case easy.Thats what we thought. As we headed outside we looked around then saw another paper it said, bad spelling sorry constuction site Hey there doing some constuction down here and this person doesnt' know how to spell , just like the other letter. Hum, Hum, Hum. We all were supicious,but we forgot about the other letter ther was something on it a clue! Well we didn't care we ran all about looking for cluses.Until I said,"Hey Guy look at what I found".The letter said We'll be at the Showdown at Satuarday."what's today's date my friends said", "Friday", I said.So we watied until tomorrow and we had one more day to figure this out.Dum---------mmmm,and "even a counting sound effect". The Next Day............... "Hey guy's where is the showdown.Dum,Dum,Dum. As we walked away we saw a singing group,they sang,The Showdown is here in the pirs you see it is rigt next to us go there.........Dumdadadoooom dum.As we walked to the peris we herd a HELP!!!!! as we looked arond us we all shouted, "Tina"!!!!! were coming we shouted we follwed Tina's screams of help to a little brick hose there we found another note it said Stop looking for clues because we got yor little friend!! Oh no poor tina. maybe we'll find here in the peirs where the showdown is. Thwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. The T.V was jus turned off................... Out side in the Normal World....... " HaHaha you'll never find me because me Tina we"ll let you be stuck there for ever because whil yo where listing to the singing grop I was runing away. Dum,Dum, Dum. Back at the T.V.......... I can't move a thing and I can't belive Tina his. Hummmmmmmm "Uh I can move agin and were still watching a movie and Tina's here I geuss it was just a dream.*Bang* Or maybe not.