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NOT AVAILABLE by Tosin Adebiyi, Age 10

It was a sunny morning today,as I took my moring walk.I was tired and exsuted from helping my sister research on the Golden I counted tree's to take my mind off of me stoping to take a rest.As I counted tree's I came across a golden tree it was an really unusual tree and it wasn't even fall.So I looked arond the tree when I found a key,It had the same color of the tree.I held on the key tight and I started to fly up."Wow", I said,"But how do you get down",I screamed.Then I sw a door I moved my arms a little and moved toward the door.As I opend the door I herd people's voices. "Hello"! they all shouted.I said Hi.Then told me I am a special person because I found the key.Then they said the key makes you fly and gives you good luck.But they couldn't figure out the last thing,and they said someone figured it out,as he was about to say it he closed hisn eye's and *poof!* Well I said IthinkIcan help you because my sister's class is doing a research on the Golden Key.So every day we tried to figure it out on till one day I colsed my eye shut and *poof* it looked like I was taken back to time ansd I was.I closed my eye againg and I came back.They I asked my sister what's the three thing the key the those againg she said flight, good luck, and as she said the last one I said with her too.A Travel Back in Time.Thanks I said and left.Then I went back to the tree and flew up to the door told the people the three things the key did,then they gave me a pedel,And until this day I still use the key for flight,a travel back to time,and Good luck.Plus good luck this becomes story ToonBook!