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NOT AVAILABLE by Azam, Age 12

One day there was a very mean boy. The boy's name was Joey. Everyday he would poke everyone in his class in the eye. Everyone hated this mean bully. This mean boy was only 9 years old. He failed many years of school so he is still in preschool. One day this mean boy found a dime on the floor. He said, "cool i found a nickel, and i can buy a new car with this much money." Everyone in his class laughed at him, execpt one little boy. The little boy's name was Eric. Eric felt very sorry for the mean boy. After school was out Eric went to talk to Joey. He said, "why are you always mean to the other kids in class?" Joey didn't know what to say to a little boy like Eric. Finally he said, " because you guys always make fun of me saying im dumb." Eric walked away thinking how he could make everyone happy, without making one or the other sad. Eric had a plan. The next day before Joey arived Eric had a little discussion with the rest of the class. He told them to not say the bad things about Joey, but say the good things about him. When joey got to school he walked to his desk poking everyone in his way, but no one started to make fun of him. Joey suddenly started smiling. He said, "why arent you guys calling me names?" Eric replied, " we are tired of you poking us. We want to settle this now. From now on everyone will be friends. Joey started to laugh a lot, he was so happy that no one was making fun of him. From that day one everyone was happy! The young kids were al happy 'cause the didn't have to go home with an icepack around their eye!