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NOT AVAILABLE by Kelley, Age 10

There once was a leprachon named St.Patrick and he made a party called the shamrocks party every lepercon was invited to the party. So while Patrick was passing out the nice green invitations to everybody he saw a strange shamrock it had four leaves on it. "Hmm thats some strange shamrock. " said Patrick. So he picked up the shamrock and kept on going. But as Patrick didn't know a four leaf shamrock carried luck. When it was time for the party everyone was there even the ones who said they couldn't make it there. "Must be luck that my friends can make it. "said Patrick while buttoning his four leaf shamrock to his vest. Then suddenly by surprise a whole bunch of four leaf shamrocks appeared." You used it well Patrick now for ever and ever there shall be hiddden four leaf shamrocks. "said a voice in his head, while Patrick was dancing happily. So now you know about this special party! THE END!